and now Sony comes out with TIVO anywhere!

May 13th, 2006

Well nothing to do with TIVO really, but just came across Sony’s Location Free Player Pack

Plugin all your video sources — your cable set-top box, DVD player or PS2 or Xbox. It basically ships all the media content to anywhere (interactive mode) you get high-speed wireless access — in a hotel room, at the airport, the ballgame ;) … using your laptop, PC or PSP.
Well there is a small issue with not getting a static IP from your highspeed Internet service provider — but that is easily remedied by using a Dynamic DNS service. I think the idea is pretty neat — the Qwests, Comcasts, Pacific Bells of the world are not going to like this :) and at the same time the Ciscos and Junipers of the world must be drooling over their prospects ;)

Now some people might say that QoS might be an issue. That may be true, however there is always the alternative to use large amount of buffering — storage is cheap!

Coming to think of it, Sony itself has a large stake in the music industry — Sony Music! Remember the sony rootkit scandal …

In making this commonstream, they have their own Digital Rights to worry about … but its just great for the consumer — cable prices nowadays are preposterous anyway.

I think there is a big “aha” factor here, competitors shouldn’t be too far behind.

Sony LocationFree Player Pak