How influential is your blog?

September 22nd, 2006 computes a score intended to measure the influence of a blog based on the number of blogs, posts and web pages that link to it, the number of Bloglines subscribers it has, and its Google PageRank. Specificially, the formula is given as:


The ebiquity blog’s influence number is 17276.8 as I write this. What what does this mean? Clearly bigger is better, but how big is big? Roland Piquepaille has some interesting observations on his ‘Blogs for companies’. To better understand what the score really means, I’d like to see a graph of the distribution of scores for “feeds that matter”. We’ve used the most popular feeds mined from bloglines subscribers with public profiles to do various kinds of analyses.

We’ve also played with other influence models for the blogosphere, with some of our preliminary work described in

Modeling the Spread of Influence on the Blogosphere, Akshay Java, Pranam Kolari, Tim Finin, and Tim Oates, UMBC TR-CS-06-03, March 2006.

One thing the Bloginfluence formula does not try to capture is that the importance of links from other blogs and their posts should be weighted by their importance. Using Google pagerank in the formula does this to some degree. Computing a more sophisticated score would, of course, require having a global model of the Blogosphere, which is costly to acquire and maintain. Maybe just using Google PageRank is a good approximation. In our work in Blogosphere influence we found that it was.

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