2007 Collegiate Voting Systems Competition

September 24th, 2006

VoComp 2007Voting is a basic mechanism for group decision making and the foundation of modern societies. It has also proved surprisingly difficult to do well in practice. UMBC is organizing a Collegiate Voting Systems Competition to engage students in nationally important, state-of-the-art security and privacy research projects and course work. Student teams will design and implement a complete voting system that must have been used in some election, such as one for a student government or organization, by May 2007. Papers describing and analyzing the system are then submitted for the conference and used to select candidates for the final competition. The conference, to be held in Portland in July 2007, will include demonstrations, mock elections, submitted presentations and invited talks. A panel of judges will make awards for the best overall system, best presentation, best attack, and best paper on voting system metrics. VoComp 2007 will be run by Professor Alan Sherman with the generous support of the NSF Cyber Trust program. More information on the competition, its rules, and an example system is available at the VoComp site.