MIT launches Center for Collective Intelligence

October 16th, 2006

MIT Center for Collective IntelligenceMIT has rebranded and expanded its Center for Coordination Science as the Center for Collective Intelligence. Where the CCS studied

“how oordination occurs in a variety of different systems, including human organizations, markets, and computer networks”

the CCI will focus on the study of

“How can people and computers be connected so that — collectively — they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before.”

The new CCI is still based in Sloan School of Management, with Tom Malone directing, but has faculty from CSAIL, the Media Lab and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Oh, and Jimbo Wales is on their advisory board. The CCS has done a lot of good work over the years, but ideas and opportunities change and evolve. I think this new focus is an excellant choice.

One project the CCI is engaged in is developing a collectively written book We are smarter than me.

“We Are Smarter Than Me is a business community formed by business professionals to research and discuss the impact of social networks on traditional business functions.”

The project is lead by and hosted at SharedInsights, a company whose slogan is “leveraging the power of collaboration, content and community to drive better business and IT decisions.” I like this project idea, although when I signed up to be a participant, I found the following clause in their privacy policy a bit offputting.

“We may, however, provide our corporate members with your name, title, company, address, phone number and e-mail address. Corporate members are industry-leading companies who supply products and services to your industry.”

Well, I guess this is a project coming out of a business community.