Notes from CASCON 2006

October 20th, 2006

Just got back from CASCON 2006, the 16th in the series of what is arguably the largest technical conference in Canada. I demoed our work on IBM’s internal blogosphere in the exhibit program, had a talk on Enterprise Blogging, and was part of a panel on Web 2.0 in the Social Computing Workshops. Yelena Yesha and Milt Halem organized an SOA workshop.

The event was very effective, thanks to a very well organized program, involving keynotes, paper sessions, exhibits and workshops. A couple of highlights from the keynotes I attended:

  • Jerry Cuomo — Websphere will feature a big set of Web 2.0 capabilities, what Jerry terms Web SOA. He had a nice unifying theme — Enterprise SOA + Web SOA. (Jerry stopped by our exhibit earlier and liked some of the work we have been doing.)
  • John Cohn — IBM is the leader in gaming chips, and almost all consoles feature them now. He says … humble that IBM is, gaming consoles don’t come with a “IBM Inside”.

The workshop I participated in was quite successful, thanks to a highly receptive audience. I finally got a chance to meet Aaron Kim, Jen Nolan and Peter Finn, Web 2.0 specialists within IBM. Also spoke to Laurie Dillon-Schalk who now works as a branding director at Great Gulf Homes. We have had great Web 2.0 “marketing” conversation in the past. Our presentation on Enterprise Blogging went well, so did the panel. Stephen Perelgut has a comprehensive summary of the entire event over at the CASCON blog.

I also had some great conversations in general with: Ian Spence, Mark Chignell, Munindar Singh, Gabriel Mansour, Sacha Chua, Alvin Chin, Sadek Ali, Antonio Cangiano, and IBMers.

Smart people.

Great event organization by Kelly Lyons and company. CASCON 2007 is just a year away.