Sentiment mining for Wall Street

October 23rd, 2006

Collective Intellect is a company that mines blogs and other web resources for information of interest to stock traders or corporate public-relations executives.

“Across blogs, discussion boards and social networking websites, Collective Intellect uses a combination of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and old-fashioned human ingenuity to identify emerging New Media content that is relevant.”

According to an article in CNet (Putting blogs to work for Wall Street)

“The system examines about 150,000 new postings a day. Then it analyzes them for sentiment–is it causing a stock to go up or down?–and credibility. The company then sends out data feeds and e-mails on stock activity and interesting news to subscribers. … To maintain quality, the company says it monitors the performance and accuracy of the sources it combs. It also filters out spam blogs and tries to weed out sites that can influence opinion versus ones that are just new-media also-rans.”

This is similar to Monitor110, which also mines blogs for investment intelligence.