XPod Progress and Press

October 26th, 2006

A recent article of Electornic Musician discussed the XPod project. A reader of that article posted some comments on MetaFilter. The article sent a fair bit of traffic to our site. We have performed some new work in the area. A new version of the XPod player will be presented at the IJCAI Ambient Inteligence workshop. I don’t have a finished paper to post but you can see the presentation that I plan on showing. If you don’t want to check out the presentation I will tell you the conclusion. We tried a couple of different machine learning techniques, support vector machines, desision trees, and neural networks. It turns out that neural networks works best for our application.

I wanted to reply to some of the comments from metafilter:

Are humans becoming so lazy that we can’t even be bothered to select and play our own music?

Yes that is why I have created this. I don’t like making playlists, and I am not alone. Lazy solutions can be optimal to some problems. Laziness is the mother of many great inventions. Does anybody want to get rid of high level programming languages? High level programming languages were created because people where too lazy to write assembly code.

Apple may have a problem with the name.

The ebiquity groups is fairly bad a choosing project names. Hence our sematic-web search engine Swoogle. If we get enough press to get Apple’s attention, that will be a good thing.

One final note:
We are moving away from the BodyMedia device. I believe our next target platform will be the Nokia 5500 Sport. It’s worth going to the link just to see the Parkour videos.