TED talks from the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference

October 29th, 2006

TED talksMy friend Rich Fritzson pointed me to TED, a by-invitation conferenced on “Technology, Entertainment, Design” that has been held in Monterey for some fifteen years. Its tag line is “where leading thinkers and doers gather for inspiration”. One way they filter for the leading among the thinkers and doers is by resources — the 2007 registration fee is $4400! But I digress.

TED is putting their TED talks from the conferences online in both video and audio form available for online viewing or download. The talks are short (18 minutes), focused, polished and feature speakers with interesting and timely things to say, including Malcom Gladwell, Steve Levitt, Richard Dawkins, Jimmy Wales, Nicholas Negroponte, Dan Dennett, and many others. Here’s Jimmy Wales’ talk from 2005.