The Web now at 100 million: But growing SPAM

November 2nd, 2006

Netcraft released their November 2006 Web Server Survey. Its a great milestone, emerged to the top of TechMeme, and was featured on Slashdot. Looking closely, I was amazed at the nature of comments on Slashdot.

…how many of them are ad/pr0n/phishing-laden cybersquats, how many are “my first webpage” single-page sites, how many contain the default IIS … In short, how many of them are actual, funct^M usable, ongoing websites? That’s what I want to know. link

50 million more sites or 50 million more domain name squatters? link

How many of these “new” domains are those horrible “parked domains” that advertise their own sale and link to other sites (presumably to lift their google ranking)? link

and many more.. Yes, there is reason for concern.

Just to put this in perspective, here are all 4 letter info domains, that pinged in October. Looking closely it appears as though all domains were generated by permuting alphabets. Similar domains exists across the Web. Most of them appear to be spam.

If the menace of spam on the web is not controlled, who knows, 200 million won’t take all that long.