Getting data out of just got easier

December 20th, 2006

del.icios.usNiall Kennedy posts about a new JSON endpoint that given a URL, returns the assigned tags and their frequencies. This will have a number of potential uses. It’s another way to rank sites on their popularity, at least w.r.t. users. In some cases, it can also be used to categorize web pages by their content.

Here are, for example, three pages that we maintain:

We’ve been playing around with various issues in identifying communities of political blogs. Note that checking the Daily Kos blog shows that it’s been posted over 2700 times and it’s popular tags have lots of clues to what its about:

left, politics, progressive, activism, liberal, political

Compare this to the results for Michelle Malkin’s blog, which has 259 posts with the following popular tags

politics, conservative, political

I guess this also says something about the community of users: they lean to the left.