Who created the first blog?

March 20th, 2007

Declan McCullagh and Anne Broache have an article on cnet that explores the question who created the first blog?.

“It may not be one of the Internet’s grandest accomplishments, but with the number of active bloggers hovering somewhere around 100 million, according to one estimate, there are some serious bragging rights to be claimed by the first person who provably laid fingers to keyboard in the traditional bloggy way.”

The article mentions some who come immediately to mind:

Was the first blogger the irascible Dave Winer? The iconoclastic Jorn Barger? Or was the first blogger really Justin Hall, a Web diarist and online gaming expert whom The New York Times Magazine once called the “founding father of personal blogging”? Or did all three merely make incremental improvements on earlier proto-blogs? The answer is most likely “yes” to all of the above. In truth, awarding the title “first blogger”

and also explores some earlier roots, like finger and .plan files. Those last two are interesting connections and makes sense. Kind of. In my experience, the vast majority of people who used .plan files used them to document their generic schedules and availability, rather than to contemporaneously document their activities.

It’s a good article, overall.