Thoughts on VTC Spring 2007

April 26th, 2007

I had the opportunity to present my masters work at Vehicle Technology Conference(VTC) Spring 2007 in Dublin. The conference was very interesting but not particularly focused on vehicles. The conference should more accurately described as wireless technology conference. Most of the work focuses on wireless communication at the physical and protocol level. Some of the most interesting posters dealt with communication using white LED’s and human skin.

There were a couple of other interesting papers on VANET’s applied to parking spaces, or traffic lights. The traffic light work focused on using VANET’s to see how many cars at a traffic light. While this is interesting it may not actually work much better than standard traffic light sensors. I would like to see VANET’s applied to agent based traffic lights such as this cool applet.
I have thought for a while about using VANET’s in an auction for traffic lights. In such a scheme every driver could place a value on not waiting at the light. The light would switch when the amount offered by all of the drivers waiting is greater than the offer of all of the drivers approaching the intersection on the other road. In this way one could pay for faster access to roads. Such a system need a safety valve so no person would end up in a starvation state never making it through a light.
I was pleasantly surprised when an author of a semantic web-service paper was asked if they used Swoogle. It is nice to know it was known by both the author and the audience. The author indicated that they would like to link to Swoogle in the future.
VTC is coming to Baltimore in the spring. They are looking for a local liaison and volunteers. Anybody interested in wireless networking and have some free time?