Singularity Summit: AI and the Future of Humanity

August 13th, 2007

Next month the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence will hold a two day Singularity Summit Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco featuring 17 speakers who will address these five questions:

  • What are the pathways to and major challenges of advanced AI?
  • What are the potential benefits and implications?
  • How far away are we from advanced AI?
  • What risks may we face?
  • What should we do to prepare?

This will no doubt be a very interesting and stimulating event. The speakers are a diverse mix and I expect that all of them will serve up a good talk and introduce some interesting ideas. They include researchers who have made some serious contributions to AI, start-up types, professional visionaries and “independent scientists”. The best part of the program, I think, is that it costs only $50 and that includes lunch and a reception! The worst part may be the the “saving humanity” theme swimming just below the surface. I’ve been through several iterations of the AI hype cycle and am not sure I want to see another one premised on saving humanity from an impending apocalypse.