Joel Sachs on Linked Data, 10:30am Oct 1, ITE 325b

September 27th, 2007

I thought I would start blogging about our weekly ebiquity meetings, at least for those that might be of interest to people outside of our group. Our meetings are, in general, open and we are happy to have visitors, with or without warning. We meet on Monday mornings, from 10:30 to 11:30 or Noon, depending on the topic, in our department’s large conference room (325b ITE Building). This coming week (October 1) Joel Sachs will give us a tutorial on Linked Data. Here’s his abstract.

Linked Data refers to a collection of best practices for publishing data on the semantic web. It is also, in part, a re-branding of the semantic web itself, with less emphasis on semantics, and more on RDF linkages amongst data sources. Also heavily emphasized is the proper role of web architecture (http requests and responses; 303 redirects; etc.), and the distinction between information resources (those that physically reside on the web), and non-information resources (those that exist in the so-called real world). I’ll give a brief overview of Linked Data, followed by a discussion of some issues that Linked Data raises for the SPIRE project. These issues include how Swoogle should handle information sources such as DBpedia, and how to link ETHAN to other sources of taxonomic and natural history information.