Mac Mini to evolve into Mac Nano: smaller, cheaper, faster

October 5th, 2007

Smaller, cheaper, faster. Don’t you wish that automobiles would do this too?

Mac OS Rumors predicts and others concur that Apple will the end of the year will see the Mac Mini replaced by a Mac Nano which is both cheaper and smaller.

“Also, the entry-level model will be dropped to $249 with a 60GB or maybe even 80GB HDD (depending on market conditions about six or seven weeks from now), and two other models at $299 and $399 sporting 120-160 and 200-250GB drives respectively. … the new Mini will be as small in the horizontal as an internal optical drive will allow, and a little over 2/3 the height. Overall volume will be shrunk almost 25%, weight by about 20% and an all-new enclosure will be strikingly different from the design that has been the Mini’s defining feature since its introduction.”

The ebqiuity lab does pervasive computing projects and often need to have a small box to collect data and provide services and control things. This sounds like it will be a good choice for many of these tasks.