Sam Weller on Ray Bradbury, 4pm Web 10/24/07 AOK Library

October 19th, 2007

the Bradbury ChroniclesSam Weller, author of the The Bradbury Chronicles, will lecture at 4:00pm on Wednesday 24 October in UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery. Weller’s book is the only authorized biography of Bradbury.

The event site describes the talk this way:

“The talk focuses on the man behind the masterpiece. As his biographer, Sam Weller spent five years working very closely with Ray Bradbury. Weller will cover his own relationship with the author, offering a rare window into his private world. He will share many behind-the-scenes stories of the man behind Fahrenheit 451. His presentation surveys the genesis of Fahrenheit 451 and the cultural, historical and personal influences that contributed to its inspired creation in 1953. Finally, he will address the cultural relevance of Fahrenheit 451 and conclude with why Ray Bradbury matters today more than ever before. ”

And an announcement notes that

“Copies of Fahrenheit 451 and an audio guide to the book will be given away at the event while supplies last.

We hope that the lecture will include a live phone interview with Ray Bradbury himself as a part of this event — we cannot guarantee it, but we are planning for it. A reception will follow the lecture.”

When I was young, Bradbury was my favorite author. His writing was an interesting mix of science fiction, fantasy, social commentary and descriptions of life in a small Midwestern town, not unlike the one I grew up in. Well, in my case any fantastical events only occurred in my mind.

For more information, see the event site or call the Library administrative offices at ext. 5-2356 or e-mail