Blogrunner: the New York Times robot in the newsroom

November 1st, 2007

The New York Times has incorporated Blogrunner into it’s Web site. Techcrunch characterizes Blogrunner as a Techmeme Killer

“Last night, the New York Times quietly launched Blogrunner on the technology section of its main site. Blogrunner was one of many Techmeme copycat sites, until the New York Times bought it last year. Like Techmeme, Blogrunner is a service that keeps track of the latest news and blog posts on a range of topics (Politics, Technology, Media, Business, Economy, Law, Health, Movies, Books, Religion, Iraq, Entertainment). Now those links are appearing on the New York Time’s main site, starting with the technology section, in a middle column titled “Technology Headlines from Around the Web.” (link)

Here’s the NYT Bits blog on Blogrunner:

“The biggest change is the feature in the middle column of the technology page titled “Technology Headlines From Around the Web.” It presents a constantly updated list of hot technology stories. Notice what we are not worried about. … Even more interesting to me is how this list gets generated. It is mainly created by an automated algorithm developed by Philippe Lourier, the developer of Blogrunner, a Web site The New York Times Co. bought last year. It has something in common with Digg, the site on which readers vote on what articles they find interesting. But for Blogrunner, votes are links from blogs or other Web sites. This approach, of course, is what powers the PageRank algorithm of Google, and Techmeme, an excellent technology news site. (link)

I wonder what is taught at J Schools about this these days.