Interlinking your web pages to maximize their PageRank

December 16th, 2007

A post on the physics arXiv blog points to an interesting open access article, Maximizing PageRank via Outlinks, on how to structure your own web pages to maximize the PageRank scores they receive. The paper does not consider tactics for getting sites to link to your pages, but instead looks at how you can organize the internal link structure of your site to maximize your pageRank.

Cristobald de Kerchove, Laure Ninove and Paul Van Dooren, Maximizing PageRank via Outlinks, submitted to Linear Algebra Applications, 19 November 2007, arXiv:0711.2867v1 [cs.IR].

We analyze linkage strategies for a set I of web pages for which the webmaster wants to maximize the sum of Google’s PageRank scores. The webmaster can only choose the hyperlinks starting from the web pages of I and has no control on the hyperlinks from other web pages. We provide an optimal linkage strategy under some reasonable assumptions.

What is being optimized is the sum of the PageRanks for the pages in your site.

The optimal structure for your site is roughly this: organize your site as a linear chain of pages, each linking to the next in the chain and also back to each of its chain ancestors. The final node in the chain should be the only one that links to any node outside of your site, and it should link to just one outside page.