Free draft of book on Logic for Philosophy

December 23rd, 2007

NYU Professor Ted Sider has made a draft of his new book, Logic for Philosophy, available on the Web. He describes it this way:

“This will be a textbook for a “logic literacy” course. It was designed for beginning graduate students in philosophy, but it is also suitable for advanced undergraduate courses. The goal is to introduce students to the logic they need to know in order to read contemporary philosophy journal articles. It emphasizes breadth rather than depth. For example, it discusses modal logic and counterfactuals, but does not prove the central metalogical results for predicate logic (completeness, undecidability, etc.) It will be published by Oxford University Press.

This looks like a good resource for many AI students who need a good overview of logic and don’t want or need to delve into the proofs. Spotted on LTU.