Semantic Wave 2008: Industry Roadmap to Web 3.0

January 18th, 2008

ReadWriteWeb reports that Project10X has released a 400 page report entitled Semantic Wave 2008 Report: Industry Roadmap to Web 3.0 and Multibillion Dollar Market Opportunities. The full report will set you back $3,495, but you can get a free 27 page executive summary, a $235 value. Project10X describes their Semantic Wave report as follows.

“It is the first comprehensive industry study of the next stage of internet evolution — Web 3.0. This landmark 400-page report is written for executives, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who want to better understand semantic technologies, the business opportunities they present, and the ways Web 3.0 will change how we use and experience the internet. The semantic wave is a “long wave” of innovation and investment that will bring fundamental shifts in paradigm, technology, and economics. Over the next decade semantic technologies will drive trillion dollar global economic expansions, transforming industries as well as our experience of the internet. ”

The report also includes a supplier directory with more than 270 companies that are researching and developing semantic technology products and services and an annotated bibliography.