Twine in the New York Times

February 2nd, 2008

Tomorrow’s New York Times has a very positive story on Twine in the business section, An Online Organizer That Helps Connect the Dots.

“How often have you wasted time searching through page after page of e-mail messages, Web sites, notes, news feeds and YouTube videos on your computer, trying to find an important item? If the answer is “too often,” a San Francisco company, Radar Networks, is testing a free, Web-based application, called Twine, that may provide some robotic secretarial help in organizing and retrieving documents.”

Happily, the story mentions that Twine is using Semantic Web technology:

“Twine is based on technologies created for the developing semantic Web — foreseen as a smarter Web where machines may someday be able to process the meaning of words and phrases in documents and even routinely answer direct questions.”