US Government predicts growing IT job market

February 23rd, 2008

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases regular projections for changes in demands for different job categories. The Computing Research Association’s blog compares the changes in the BLS predictions for professional-level IT positons and speculated on the factors involved.

Trends in BLS projections for the IT job market

While the projected growth is slowing, the actual number of predicted new jobs has gone up in the latest report. Jay Vesco of the CRA comments:

“It would be easy to see the series of lowered growth projections as signs of trouble within the IT workforce. But there are two other factors to consider: (1) in the 2006-2016 report, expectations for growth lowered also for the overall workforce, and (2) it probably has taken some time for the BLS to assess a relatively new group of occupations that is evolving rapidly (as seen also in the swings in computer science degree production). All in all, in each of its reports BLS predicted that the professional level IT occupations would enjoy high salaries and more than twice the growth rate of the overall workforce.”

Choosing a career in the IT field still looks like a good choice.