Blog comment spam magnet

July 1st, 2008

A good fraction of the comment spam that makes it through our Akismet filter is from people who are trying to add a comment to one of our posts about spam blogs or comments. Here’s an example from today’s batch, a comment on a two-year old post Blog comment spam with plagiarized text: hard to spot from cameroun trying to promote the site

“spam is a real problem in this day not just for .edu but for the entire internet world. Plagiarism is a problem too.”

It’s easy for me to classify this as spam since the comment was made on a very old post, is short, includes a reference to a site that looks commercial, makes a few general and superficial statements that are not really tied to any of the posts details.

I think it’s ironic that so many SEO wannabes try to spam posts about spam. I guess they just have spam on the brain. So, I offer up this post as food for the comment spammers and their search and comment tools.

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