Wiacek on the Google App Engine, 1pm Thr 10/2 ITE325

October 2nd, 2008

UMBC alumnus Mike Wiacek (MS 2007) will talk today (Thursday, October 2) at 1:00pm in 325b ITE on the Google App Engine. Mike is on campus today to represent Google at career day, but will take time off to talk about and demonstrate Google’s App Engine. The App Engine enables developers to build massively scalable web applications on Google’s hardware and software infrastructure. Mike’s talk will explain what App Engine is and how it uses BigTable and other Google technologies to make launching and scaling web applications easy. He will also demonstrate the process of building and deploying a small web application.

Mike graduated from UMBC in May of 2007 with a MS in Computer Science. He is currently a Software Engineer working on Google’s Information Security Team. He thoroughly enjoys taking advantage of his 20% time developing App Engine applications. Prior to joining Google, Mike was a Software and Network Security Analyst for the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, MD.