Journal of Web Semantics blog 2.0

November 11th, 2008

We’ve moved the Journal of Web Semantics blog from a self-hosted WordPress installation to Google-hosted blogger. We’ve moved the old posts (manually!) and the recommended public feed remains the same: jwsBlog.

Our move was motivated by a desire to make it easier for more people to contribute to the blog, a need to streamline the maintenance of the JWS infrastructure, and a goal to make the tools we use independent of the institutions of the current editors-in-chief.

When we started the ebiquity blog back in 2003 it was on blogger. After some months we moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog, which we continue to enjoy using for its flexibility, powerful features, and active community of developers and users.

I found it interesting to come back to blogger for the new JWS blog and to see what’s new and what has remained the same.