Semantic Applications at age one

November 19th, 2008

After a year, Read/Write Web has revisited their review of 10 promising Semantic Web apps, producing 10 Semantic Apps to Watch – One Year Later.

“A lot can happen in one year on the Internet, so we thought we’d check back in with each of the 10 products and see how they’re progressing. What’s changed over the past year and what are these companies working on now? The products are, in no particular order: Freebase, Powerset, Twine, AdaptiveBlue, Hakia, Talis, TrueKnowledge, TripIt, Calais (was ClearForest), Spock.”

They plan to publish a completely new list of Semantic applications to watch as the next post in the series and ask people to leave suggestions in the post comments.

Maybe Read/Write Web will do like Michael Apted’s 7up series and report back to us on how the systems are doing each year, which I guess may be like seven Web-years.