UMBC Global Game Jam teams at work

January 31st, 2009

UMBC is hosting a site for the Global Game Jam (GGJ) which was organized by Professors Marc Olano and Neal McDonald. The GGJ is a 48 hour event in which more than 1,750 people at 53 international sites work to design, test and implement computer games based on a few loose constraints. The event started at 5:00pm Friday (local time) and ends at 5:00pm Sunday.

On the UMBC GAIM blog, Marc reports that

“After three hours of brainstorming, we pulled together four good teams. You can watch our live progress on our feed.”

The final games must be uploaded to the GGJ central site by 3:00pm after which the four local teams will present and demonstrate their games in the game lab (ECS 005) and/or Lecture Hall 5 (ECS building).

Check out the feed to see the 22 UMBC participants at work and view their online chat or see some photos on Flickr. Visitors are welcome to stop by the ECS building Sunday around 4:00pm to see the final presentations and demonstrations (ECS LH5 and/or ECS 005a).

Free live streaming by Ustream
(visit for chat)