Network adaptations in a declarative framework

March 3rd, 2009

In this week’s ebiquity meeting (10:00am 4 March in ITE 325) Palanivel Kodeswaran will talk about his dissertation “Implementing application and network adaptations in a declarative framework”. Here’s the abstract for his talk.

Managing today’s complex networks while still ensuring that certain high level goals are met is proving to be a complicated process. There is a growing need to separate the high level goals/policies from the low level mechanisms that implement the various services. In this talk, I will present our ongoing work in developing a declarative framework for enforcing high level policies in networks. One of the key goals of our framework is to enable applications to expose their semantics, thereby allowing the underlying network to exploit the semantics and provide better-than-best-effort service where possible. We will then see how our framework can be used in adaptive applications where both the application and the network can adapt simultaneously in response to changing network conditions.

The presentation will be streamed live via