Elevator pitch, meet twitter pitch

March 6th, 2009

Conventional wisdom is that you need a good elevator pitch if you have an idea to sell. An elevator pitch, of course, is a high-level description of your concept that is short enough to be delivered during an elevator ride — e.g., in a minute or less. This works out to about 150 to 300 words, depending on how fast you talk

I was amused to see a new PHP web framework, Twitto, advertise itself as “A web framework in a tweet” because the header code you need to add is “packed in less than 140 characters, it fits in a tweet.

Now Twitto is not actually pushing its concept in a tweet — they use nearly 1500 characters on their splash page, for heavens sake. But I like the idea of boiling down a pitch to fit in a tweet and think it has a future.

You can’t do a tweet pitch for every idea. Some are inherently too complicated. But if you can, maybe you should, at least as an exercise. The idea of a tweet concept may the new media version of the high concept notion that was popular in Hollywood back in the 1990s.

Note: Twitto apparently has some security issues, since someone added a prominent red box on the bottom of their page with the warning “TWITTO IS NOT SECURE, DON’T USE IT FOR YOUR NEXT WEBSITE.”