IBM Research projects on social computing

March 13th, 2009

Charles Cooper has an article on CNET on How IBM’s sprucing up its ‘social’ side. He attended an IBM event (“Smarter Web Open House”) in which researchers from IBM offered “a peek at a cross-section of collaborative Web technologies–mostly in early beta stages and likely to need a lot more fine-tuning in the months ahead.” He writes that

IBM is putting serious effort into finding ways to use aspects of social computing for more collaboration among enterprise users. The big idea here being to make it easier for businesses to share corporate data in more useful fashion.

(h/t ACM TechNews)

“Our perspective comes from business,” said Rod Smith, a computer scientist who is in charge of emerging Internet technologies at IBM. “There are many ecosystems inside the enterprise and we’re seeing how they want to expand those connections. So, we’re looking at how to do that.”

The article describes sever interesting projects including a Web mashup that creates a virtual medical room where physicians can review and comment on test data.