Price Waterhouse Coopers bullish on the Semantic Web

May 29th, 2009

Price Waterhouse Coopers is one of the largest “professional services” organization and has always been strong on technology consulting and advice. The Spring issue of their quarterly Technology Forecast journal focuses on the Semantic Web. This is from the table of contents


  • 04 Spinning a data Web. Semantic Web technologies could revolutionize enterprise decision making and information sharing. Here’s why.
  • 20 Making Semantic Web connections. Linked Data technology can change the business of enterprise data management.
  • 16 Traversing the Giant Global Graph. Tom Scott of BBC Earth describes how everyone benefits from interoperable data.
  • 28 From folksonomies to ontologies. Uche Ogbuji of Zepheira discusses how early adopters are introducing Semantic Web to the enterprise.
  • 40 How the Semantic Web might improve cancer treatment. M. D. Anderson’s Lynn Vogel explores new techniques for combining clinical and research data.
  • 46 Semantic technologies at the ecosystem level. Frank Chum of Chevron talks about the need for shared ontologies in the oil and gas industry.

You can download the free 58 report here. You can also read a note on the issue in ReadWriteWeb, which focuses on linked data and interoperability.

“A new PricewaterhouseCoopersTechnology report explains how the Semantic Web and Linked Data can help enterprises manage their large scale data better. The PwC Center for Technology and Innovation team spent several months researching and analyzing the problem of data silos in enterprises – and what solutions are being developed to help with that problem. The answer, according to PwC, is Semantic Web techniques. PwC believes that the Semantic Web offers a practical way to address the problem of large-scale data integration. … “

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