Blackbook, a graph analytic platform for semantic web data

October 3rd, 2009

In next week’s ebiquity meeting (10:15 EDT Tue 10/6), Lance Byrd and Set Cruz will talk about Blackbook, a graph analytic processing platform for semantic web data.

Blackbook3 is an RDF middleware framework for integrating data and executing algorithms that relies on open standards and “best-of-breed” open source technologies, including Jena, Lucene, JAAS, D2RQ, Hadoop, HBase and Solr. Blackbook3 has a plug-and-play, loosely–coupled architecture, supports SOAP and REST interfaces, offers SPARQL and linked data endpoints and can run in environments where high confidentiality is required.

The talk will discuss the current and future use cases for Blackbook3 as well as broader knowledge discovery and dissemination issues for RDF applications. You can participate remotely via dimdim starting at 10:15 EDT October 6.