Infochimps provides API for their Twitter and Census datasets

June 15th, 2010

Infochips now offers a query API for two interesting datasets: a Twitter collection and US Census data.

The Twitter data covers 500M tweets from 35M users collected between March 2006 and November 2009. The API currently included the following services.

  • Trstrank – a trust metric for Twitter users based on network centrality (see

  • Wordbag – returns the 100 tokens (i.e., words) that a particular Twitter user tweets more often than the average Twitter user.

  • Influencer metrics – replies in/out and retweets in/out for a given user

  • Conversations – find interactions between two users. Currently this just yields direct messages but will include retweets and mentions later. For example, check out conversations between Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin:

Pricing varies with use and ranges from Baboon” (free for 100K calls/month) to “Golden Ape” ($4000/month for 15M call/month).