Follow UMBC Ebiquity on Twitter, Facebook and/or your feed reader

September 7th, 2010

We are generating short status messages for Ebiquity news and pushing them out to Twitter and Facebook. The messages generally have a shortened links connecting back to the full item, which might be a new paper, an event or a blog post. This will be a convenient way to track what is new on the Ebiquity site for many.

Now there are three easy ways to enjoy fresh Ebiquity news:

  • Check out the Ebiquity twitter page and follow @ebiquity if you want to have our tweets show up in your stream.
  • If Facebook is your thing, you can go to the UMBC Ebiquity Research Group page and click on the LIKE button to have the short Ebiquity updates show up on your wall.
  • If you’re old school, you can also view our combined news stream on Planet Ebiquity and/or get it as an atom RSS feed for your favorite feed reader.