Google, China and Cyber-security

September 11th, 2010

The US Army War College publishes Parameters as the “US Army’s Senior Professional Journal”. The summer issue has an article by Fort Leavenworth analyst Timothy L. Thomas, Google Confronts China’s Three Warfares, that discusses alleged recent Chinese hacking attacks on Google, censorship, Google’s reactions, and other related events. His article concludes:

“The Chinese probes of the world’s cyber domains have not ceased. Recently, Canadian researchers uncovered a massive Chinese espionage campaign targeting India. In their report, Shadow Network, they outlined the massive campaign emanating from Chengdu, China that harvested a huge quantity of data from India’s military and commercial files. China’s activities against Google and India (and their reconnaissance activities in general) portend a much broader pattern, a long-term strategy to hold military and economic assets of various nations hostage. There are a number of Chinese books that support this supposition. Gaining the high ground in international digital competition is becoming a national objective for the Chinese. China’s previous activities certainly afford them a political advantage in any future conflict.”