Twitter turns to ads

October 10th, 2010

Sic transit gloria mundi.

After building a huge audience, Twitter turns to ads to cash in:

“In the last two weeks, the company has introduced several advertising plans, courted Madison Avenue at Advertising Week, the annual industry convention, and promoted Dick Costolo, who has led Twitter’s ad program, to chief executive — all signs that Twitter means business about business.

Advertisers pay for Promoted Tweets to appear at the top of search results. … Promoted Tweets will eventually show up in Twitter timelines, not just when people search, based on the interests of people that users follow. Twitter also sells Promoted Trends, so advertisers can show up in the list of topics most discussed on Twitter, for $100,000 a day.”

It seems like AdBlock already suppresses the Promoted Tweets, at least this one.

Twitter promoted tweet