Google Sets Live

March 7th, 2013

Google Sets was a the result of a early Google research project that ended in 2011. The idea was to be able to recognize the similarity of a set of terms (e.g., python, lisp and fortran) and automatically identify other similar terms (e.g., c, java, php). Suprisingly (to me) the results of the project live on as an undocumented feature in Google Doc spreadsheets. Try putting a few of the seven deadly sins into a Google spreadsheet and use the feature to see what else you should not do (e.g., creating fire with alchemy, I guess).

Google, of course, continues to work on expanding their use of semantic information, currently through efforts like the Google Knowledge Graph, Freebase, Microdata and Fusion Tables. Other companies, including Mcrosoft, IBM and a host of startups, are also hard at work on similar projects.