Knowledge for Cybersecurity

October 17th, 2016

In this weeks ebiquity meeting (11:30am 10/18, ITE346), Sudip Mittal will talk on Knowledge for Cybersecurity.

In the broad domain of security, analysts and policy makers need knowledge about the state of the world to make critical decisions, operational/tactical as well as strategic. This knowledge has to be extracted from different sources, and then represented in a form that will enable further analysis and decision making. Some of this data underlying this knowledge is in textual sources traditionally associated with Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT), others in data that is present in hidden sources like dark web vulnerability markets. Today, this is a mostly manual process. We wish to automate this problem by taking data from a variety of sources, extracting, representing and integrating the knowledge present, and then use the resulting knowledge graph to create various semantic agents that add value to the cybersecurity infrastructure.