Robot vacuum guided by RFID

July 5th, 2005

German manufacturing company Vorwerk has partnered with Infineon in Munich to develop an electronic carpet that wirelessly navigates a robotic vacuum over every square inch of a floor. The special carpet has an embedded grid of RFID chips. Using an RFID grid for navigation is a novel use of the technology with many potential applications beyond carpet sweeping. Link

RFID in u-Korea

June 28th, 2005

The South Korean government is investng US$800 million into RFID research and development. Link

Daeje Chin, the Korean Minister of Information and Communication, said after several pilot projects the government believes RFID to be as important as the mobile phone business.

Chin said: “This will be very important for us in the next 10 years. The handset business is very big but RFID will be as important. We are trying to procure a number of goals with RFID and the application of new technology brings benefits in all social systems including the individual family.”

South Korea is also pushing ubiquitous computing (“anytime, anywhere, and on any device”) as a way to keep it’s mobile IT business expanding. Korea is a country with 47M people and 35M mobile subscribers. Link

RSA Finds More Flaws in RFID

March 24th, 2005

eWeek has a reasonable article summarizing the weaknesses in TI’s RFID systems.

After uncovering a security weakness in a radio-frequency identification tag from Texas Instruments Inc., researchers from RSA Security Inc.’s RSA Laboratories and The Johns Hopkins University are now eyeing future exploits against other RFID products in the interests of better security, one of the researchers said this week.
     Meanwhile, TI will keep making the compromised RFID tag in order to meet the needs of applications more sensitive to speed and pricing than to privacy, according to a TI official. …