Technology Review special issue on Web 2.0

June 24th, 2008

Technology Review special issue on Web 2.0, July/August 2008The July/August issue of Technology Review is focused on Web 2.0. The lead article, “The Business of Social Networks“, asks “Web 2.0–the dream of the user-built, user-centered, user-run Internet–has delivered on just about every promise except profit. Will its most prominent example, social networking, ever make any money?”

“Social networking is the fastest-growing activity on Web 2.0–the shorthand term for the new user-centered Internet, where everyone publicly modifies everyone else’s work, whether it’s an encyclopedia entry or a photo album. The growth of social networking is astonishing, and it has spread to sites of all sizes, which are increasingly intertwined as platforms open (see “Who Owns Your Friends?”). Even small players are soaring.”

There are quite a few interesting stories on various Web 2.0 topics. Visit the table of contents to see what’s available.