Journal of Web Semantics special issue on HCI

January 15th, 2009

mc schraefel and Lloyd Rutledge are editing a special issue of the Journal of Web Semantics on “Exploring New Interaction Designs Made Possible by the Semantic Web“. The call for submissions described the topic this way.

“In this special issue of the Journal of Web Semantics we seek papers that look at the challenges and innovate possible solutions for everyday computer users to be able to produce, publish, integrate, represent and share, on demand, information from and to heterogeneous data sources. Challenges touch on interface designs to support end-user programming for discovery and manipulation of such sources, visualization and navigation approaches for capturing, gathering and displaying and annotating data from multiple sources, and user-oriented tools to support both data publication and data exchange. The common thread among accepted papers will be their focus on such user interaction designs/solutions oriented linked web of data challenges. Papers are expected to be motivated by a user focus and methods evaluated in terms of usability to support approaches pursued.”

In addition to full length research papers, they will also consider submissions of short (4-6 page) demonstration papers with evaluations of new tools that address any of the above challenges and brief (1-2 page) forward-looking, speculative papers addressing challenges. Submissions are due by 20 April 2009. Accepted papers are expected to appear online in preprint form in Summer 2009, online in final form by the end of 2009 and in print in 2010.

JWS special issue on The Web of Data

November 11th, 2008

Axel Polleres and David Huynh are editing a special issue of the Journal of Web Semantics on The Web of Data that will appear in the Summer 2009. Submitted papers are due by January 21, 2009. See the special issue call for papers for details.