First International Workshop on AAMAS Workshops

December 1st, 2005

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Subject: [agents] First International Workshop on AAMAS Workshops
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 20:03:00 +0900

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    First International Workshop on AAMAS Workshops

                        May 2006
          Future University Hakodate, Japan
         (held in conjunction with AAMAS 2006)


Recent years have witnessed an explosion of interest in  the
organization of AAMAS workshops. Today, we have reached a point
where each self-respecting researcher in  the community sets up an
AAMAS workshop on his/her particular topic of interest.
The  WORKSAAMAS? workshop  aims to provide a forum to discuss the
social and organizational aspects of setting up an AAMAS workshop


- Paper submission deadline: January 15 2006
- Extended submission deadline: February 10 2006
- Ideal deadline for reviews due: February 19 2006
- Notifications of acceptance: February 19 2006
- Delay of notification:  3 weeks
- Camera-ready copies due:  March 5 2006
- Extension: 2 weeks
- Workshop Date: May 9 2006

Topics of interest of the WORKSAAMAS? workshop include:

* Motivations for submitting a workshop proposal
* Generating a catchy title for your workshop
* Famous acronyms of AAMAS wokshops
* Secure topics, aligning the scope of the workshop
* Examples of successful workshop proposals
* Norms to accept a workshop proposal
* Criteria for merging workshops
* Organizational aspects, logistics, student jobs
* CFPs, apologies for multiple announcements
* Deadline policies, formal and informal deadlines
* Requirements and selection criteria for a PC
* PC blackmailing techniques for timely review reports
* Design of review forms
* Norms for accepting papers
* Preparing a program, calculation of presentation length
* Opening the workshop
* Introducing presenters, pronunciation of foreign affiliations
* Clock synchronization, mechanisms to preempt a presentation
* Tips for brief questions
* Closing the workshop, quantification of workshop success
* Organization of a social dinner
* Organization of post-proceedings, contacting Springer
* Examples of successful workshops

We particularly encourage authors to submit innovative and original
papers. Case studies, and experimental work, as well as papers that
describe ongoing work, position papers and posters are welcome.

For further information and paper submissions, contact: