Computers, People, and Information


Wednesday, February 6, 2008, 12:00pm

ITE 459

The advent of computing has transformed nearly all aspects of our society, and, as computing technologies have evolved, traditional computer science has developed a rich understanding of the capabilities and limitations of computing. Nonetheless, we are far from understanding some of the key challenges that appear when we contemplate the relationship of people to computing. How does the addition of people within the context of a computer system enhance or limit what is achievable by people and computers together? How do we design systems that capitalize on people’s strengths and recognize their constraints? Can we build computer systems that exhibit the hallmarks of intelligence found in people? How do we build information systems and data technologies that reflect people’s use of information rather than dictate how information must be structured and used? In this talk I will describe some of the challenges that computer and information science and engineering must confront in the design of computer and information systems that work effectively and transparently with people.

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