Architecture and key technologies of the next generation service platform


Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 15:00pm - Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 16:00pm

325b ITE

The divergence of people's demands and technologies has fueled the proliferation of vertically integrated “silo type” systems. In order to maintain systematic simplicity, a common layer is necessary, which is used to quickly develop new applications. This talk discusses the requirements of the service delivery platform (SDP) as the common layer, and proposes our SDP named SPACE. The architecture of SPACE is based on the SOA concept, which provides reusable service elements and an open interface for applications. SPACE includes layered service elements and a messaging function to connect the service element and application. Other key technologies are consistency management and resource control. SPACE creates new values for many players, based on information over a wide area and networking capabilities. However, sometimes the requested application processes incompletely because of the instability of the wireless communication path and the conflict of the device control. Consequently, the SPACE resource will be wasted and additional delay will be caused. To overcome this issue, we propose a resource control mechanism which controls the processing order of service elements. Evaluation results show that the mechanism can reduce processing time in the entire platform system.

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