Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web

Integrating Linked Open Data with Unstructured Text for Intelligence Gathering Tasks

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We present techniques for uncovering links between terror incidents, organizations, and people involved with these incidents. Our methods involve performing shallow NLP tasks to extract entities of interest from documents and using linguistic pattern matching and filtering techniques to assign specific relations to the entities discovered. We also gather more information about these entities from the Linked Open Data Cloud, and further allow human analysts to add intelligent inference rules appropriate to the domain. All this information is integrated in a knowledge base in the form of a graph that maintains the semantics between different types of nodes involved in the graph. This knowledge base can then be queried by the analysts to create actionable intelligence.

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information integration, intelligence gathering, linked open data, natural language processing, social media, social, terror networking


HICC, Hyderabad, India

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