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Adding forward chaining and truth maintenance to Prolog

Authors: Tim Finin, Richard Fritzson, and David Matuszek

Book Title: 5th Artificial Intelligence Applications

Date: March 06, 1989

Abstract: A description is given of Pfc, a simple package which supplies a forward chaining facility in Prolog. P fc is intended to be used in conjunction with ordinary Prolog programs, allowing the programmer to decide whether to encode a rule as a forward-chaining Pfc rule or a backward-chaining Prolog one. Like other programming languages, Pfc programs have a declarative interpretation as well as a clear and predictable procedural one. A truth maintenance system built into P fc system maintains consistency and makes derivations available for applications. Finally, Pfc is designed to be relatively efficient and unobtrusive

Type: InProceedings

Publisher: IEEE

Pages: 123-130

Tags: prolog, knowledge representation, reasoning, truth maintenance

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