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Anubhav Sonthalia

Primary Role:M.S. Alumnus

Graduation date: December 2004

Department: Computer Science
Room: 5900.02
Street: Pacific Medical Center, Beacon Hill
City: Seattle
State: WA
Country: USA
Phone: 443-527-7219

Anubhav Sonthalia is associated with 3 projects:  Hide the list...

Past Projects

 Context Broker Architecture (CoBrA), Student.
 Database Semanticizer, Principal Investigator.

Suggestion for a Future Project

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  1. (Person) Anubhav Sonthalia is shown on (Photo) Anubhav Sonthalia defends his MS thesis.
  2. (Person) Anubhav Sonthalia is shown on (Photo) Anubhav and Vishal at graduation.
  3. (Person) Anubhav Sonthalia is principal investigator for (Project) Database Semanticizer