Kathryn Britton


Kathryn Heninger Britton is a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Before coming to IBM, she worked with David Parnas on the Software Cost Reduction project, a software engineering technology transfer experiment at the Naval Research Laboratory. Her paper on software requirements specification has been republished multiple times, most recently in 2001 in Software Fundamentals: Collected Papers of David Parnas. During her 23 years at IBM, she has worked on two-phase commit protocols, multi-protocol networking, and wireless applications. She led the development of the IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher product from original inception through two releases. She is currently the lead architect for IBM's Integrated Solutions Console, one of the core technologies of IBM’s autonomic computing initiative. Kathryn is a graduate of Stanford University, with two master's degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She can be reached at brittonk at us.ibm.com.