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Lalana Kagal

Primary Role:Ph.D. Alumnus

Graduation date: September 2004

Department: CSAIL
City: Cambridge
State: MA
Country: USA

Biography: Lalana Kagal is a postdoctoral associate at MIT CSAIL working with Tim Berners-Lee. She works with the W3C and the CSAIL DIG group where she's currently looking into policy frameworks for the semantic web.

She was a doctoral student and a Research Assistant with Dr. Tim Finin at the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Her doctoral thesis dealt with using semantic web technologies for policy specification and government in dynamic distributed environments such as those enabled by the semantic web and pervasive computing.

She is interested in different aspects of application-level security; privacy, authorization, trust management and policy specification, management and enforcement in open, dynamic distributed systems. She is also interested in issues relating to pervasive computing, knowledge representation, agent systems and semantic web research.


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Past Projects

 Centaurus, Student.
 DAML / ITTalks, Student.
 EECOMS, Student.
 IDE for Rei Policy Language, Student.
 Privacy for the WWW, Student.
 Rei : A Policy Specification Language, Principal Investigator, Ph.D. Thesis.
 Securing the Semantic Web: A Trust Management Approach, Student.
 Vigil / Secure Centaurus, Principal Investigator.



  1. (Person) Lalana Kagal is developer for (Project) Centaurus.