Maithilee P Joshi
Maithilee P Joshi

M.S. Alumnus, M.S. Student

CSEE, Baltimore, Maryland 21250, United States

Maithilee P Joshi

Refereed Publications


  1. M. P. Joshi, K. P. Joshi, and T. Finin, "Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Access to Cloud Based EHR Systems", InProceedings, International Conference on Cloud Computing, July 2018, 179 downloads.


  1. M. P. Joshi, S. Mittal, K. P. Joshi, and T. Finin, "Semantically Rich, Oblivious Access Control Using ABAC for Secure Cloud Storage", InProceedings, Proceedings of the First IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing, June 2017, 532 downloads.

Active Projects

  1. Secure and Oblivious Cloud Storage and Deletion, M.S. Student


  1. (Person) Karuna Pande Joshi advises (Person) Maithilee P Joshi.